The Truth About Anger

Anger Artificially help us feel in control, when we are really out of control. Anger Falsely helps us feel Powerful when we feel Powerless. Anger is a secondary emotion that comes as a result of Hurt, Frustration or Insecurity.


Hurt = Real or Perceive Unmet Needs

Tool #1 Attack the Issue not the Person

Tool#2 How to communicate needs.

  • I feel angry or hurt or disappointed when you___________________.


Frustration = Real or Perceived Unmet Expectations

Tool #1 Lean to communicate your needs or (expectations) why you feel the way you do.

Tool #2 Use the word “I desire vs I demand” We can’t make anyone do anything, but we can share our desires.

  • When desires are not meet we are disappointed.
  • When Demands are not meet we get anger.


Insecurity = Real or Perceived Attacks on my worth

Tool #1 Ask yourself, Why am feeling threatened.

Tool #2 We have to get our insecurity and worth from who we are in Christ not others.