Promise – Problem – Provision

Ex. The Children of Israel

What’s the quickest way out of a problem?

  1. The best and quickest way out of a problem is go straight through

  2. The best and quickest way to have victory over a problem is to head or go straight towards them.

  3. Most people try to run from them or go around them.

Ex. The children of Israel
Ex. David & Goliath (1 Samuel 17:48-51)


Many times the person with the greatest problem, when handled correctly, is the next person in line for the promotion or provision. (ex. David becoming king)

Spiritual Checklist (Joshua 1:8)

“Our Problem Can Never Be Greater Than Our Provider”

Action steps if you are in a problem and how to shorten your stay in the problem:

  1. Acknowledge the problem.

  2. Take responsibility.

  3. Be willing to work.

  4. When you are wrong, admit it.

  5. Forgive

  6. Control your tongue.

  7. Get off your pity pot.

REMEMBER THIS TRUTH… Life is too short to waste it staying trapped in the problem. Time waits for no man, and it certainly is not waiting for you.

Closing Insights

  1. It’s not what we believe that distinguishes us as Christians and gives us victory, it’s what we obey that determines our destiny and gives us victory! The Bible tells us even the devil believes (James 2:19).

  1. Remember the condition of promise must be met before the fulfillment of the provision is provided.

  1. It’s our problems that have made us who we are! Better or Bitter. Problems either cause us to go to the next level personally and spiritually or they have caused us to wonder in defeat and discouragement.

  1. The danger of rebellion (against God & His leaders) will lead to worshiping other things (idolatry).Today rebellion leads to worshipping pleasures and our own opinions.

  1. Some more great examples of those who learned to handle their problems correctly and receive great provision: