Parental Guidance

  1. The activities that use up our time and resources during our childhood have very little to do with what happens to us in adulthood.

  2. The trend in our culture is to make our children experience RICH and relationship

  3. Why do we often overreact?

    1. Because we are under-involved.

    2. Wrong expectations, which always bring wrong results.

  4. Why do we often over discipline or under-discipline?

    1. Many times it’s because we are under-involved in their life and/or over-involved in our own life.

    2. Divorce, one tries to make up for what they feel the child is not getting, so one over disciplines and one under disciplines.

  5. Does restriction work?

    1. Yes and no.

    2. Restriction alone does not work.

    3. Restriction without relationship equals rebellion.

    4. Restriction with right relationship can and will help.

    5. Restriction has to relate to the problem.

  6. The secret to successful parenting:

    1. Parent + God + Others = Decisions we make

  7. Where is my child spiritually?

    1. Where are you spiritually?

    2. What do you want them to become?

    3. Where are they now?

    4. How can you help them take the next step?

  8. Right relationships = Right influence.

    1. When it matters most, the quality of our relationship with your children will determine the weight of your influence.

    2. In the early years, a parent’s influence is based on size and position.

    3. Your children need your influence the most when they make the decisions that matter the most.

  9. Who do you need to be “dialed out” and who needs to be “dialed in”? (Proverbs 13:20; 1 Corinthians 15:33; Psalm 1:1-6)